Discreet Tigers stunning selection of women's tops.

Looking through this page you will certainly notice what we are trying to go for. Comfortable classy designs made from quality designers.  From peplum tops to knit shirts we are building a range that will give you options. 

Perfect to be paired with skirts or pants we, as always, try to cover plus size tops as well as standard and petite size options so that everyone is covered. We of course will guarantee your satisfaction with our no questions asked return policy and we will even ship any purchase within Australia to your door, for free.

Our goal is to leave you feeling content in the fact that you know when you purchase a top from Discreet Tiger, you know you're getting the very best quality available at the absolute lowest price possible.

We select all our tops from reputable but small boutique designers from around the world, particularly from the UK and US, as we want our customers to be able to purchase something unique that allows you to stand out from the crowd. This is not a store for people who want to blend in with the crowd and go about their life not being noticed. If you purchase from us, you will be getting compliments, of that there is no doubt.