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                      A pair of stockings always comes in handy. Never underestimate the importance of stockings, or you may be in for a major disappointment. We have stockings in a range of hues, you can buy skin colour stockings, something more striking like printed stockings also make a leggy statement. Girl's stockings are available in different styles. From cotton socks to sheer socks to skin colour socks and low ankle socks, your sock drawer will always be happy as you have made the right decision by exploring the collection at Discreet Tiger.

                      If solid black is a tad too plain-Jane for you, go for a fishnet stocking or lace design stocking. Your red cocktail dress, that emerald bodycon dress, the gold shimmery short skirt, all entail a pair of chic black stockings.

                      Stockings for ladies are both protective and fashionable. Some accessories might not have touched as important a position as others in a girl's closet. But that doesn't mean that their function or the style statement that they help to display is any less important. Some accessories need to be worn less frequently than others. Buy all types of stockings to pair with those short dresses or denim shorts. Stockings are also great for providing warmth during winter. For those winter-phobic souls who feel like they are at the North Pole while experiencing winter, wearing stockings beneath jeans or pants is a great shielding idea. And socks are essential to wear with shoes all year. So dress up your legs with the ultimate accessory and complete that head to toe look.