Looking for satin robes for sale online?

As part of Discreet Tigers ongoing commitment to selling quality products at wholesale prices, we are proud to present our range of satin robes. With both three quarter length styles that sit at knee length and come just past the elbow, as well as a full length style that doubles as a beautiful satin dressing gown.  

Our three quarter length styles are being used more and more often as bridal party robes, they make the perfect gift for the brides wedding party, the quality and thickness of our satin robes also makes them ideal for embroidery, meaning you can easily have words like bride or bridesmaid embroided into the fabric. (Be wary of cheap imports, the fabric is too thin to have embroidery) Of course we are always happy to provide a further small discount for bulk purchases of five or more, you need only ask. Reward all the hard work and the commitment of your bridal party with the permanent gift of a quality satin robe.

Not only are all our satin robes sold at terrifically low prices, but as always, we stock a full range of sizes, so whether you're looking for petite or plus size satin robes, Discreet Tiger has you covered. 

Stay tuned for new stock arriving shortly, with even more colours and a range of prints. We also have plans and designs on the table for cotton and flannel. If you do have any questions or queries at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Satin Robes