Welcome to our range of satin pyjamas!

Every time you turn on the TV these day's there's another add for a new type of bed, or something that will help you choose the perfect type of bed for your body. Special types of pillows and blankets that give you a better night's sleep than the one you're getting now, and a raft of products that are all supposed to enhance the time you spend in dreamland. Well considering the amount of time most people spend sleeping during their life time, it makes sense that you should be comfortable. So after you've sorted out your bed, your pillow and what kind of sheets you want, next on that list is going to be pj's. That's where we come in, Discreet Tiger is now stocking a huge range of satin sleepwear to help you dream the night away and wake up feeling fresh and ready to go the next day.

Not only will you be super comfy in a set of our satin pyjamas but you'll also look fantastic. These satin pyjamas are so comfortable and look so good you will be forgiven for not wanting to take them off. Take lazy Sundays to a whole new level with these satin pj's, match them with one of our satin robes and there's no more shame in opening the door at lunch time.

We are stocking a range of different striped prints but mostly solid colours and you know Discreet Tiger likes to fill everyone's shopping cart, so we stock a full range of plus size pyjamas as well as your regular standard sizes. 

Not only are we selling everything at warehouse price's but we are backing it up with our no questions asked money back guarantee and we shipping everywhere within Australia for free.


Satin Pyjamas