Shorts - New styles and colours coming soon!

Who doesn't want to transform their look with the colourful and stylish whirl of the shorts available at Discreet Tiger? Discover the eclectic collection of shorts that is perfect for the fashion star. From typical denim to new age coloured options. Select from a range of colours and different fabrics with assorted styles and features like midi shorts, Bermuda shorts, embellished shorts, and more.

Girl's shorts award an adorable girly image you will love. Dress in eyelet cutout shorts with a stylish tunic for a refreshing unique look. Find cute, girly details that match vibrant hues that will add an eye-catching style to your look, like some classic denim shorts with a fitted tank top for adventure and play. Machine washable features let you worry less about messes and more about having fun. Give yourself the ultimate gift of comfort with soft fabrics such as cotton that are still durable and built for a sleek fit, with offerings in petite and plus sizes. 

You will be a picture of perfection when combining vibrant coloured shorts with solid toned shirts and slip on shoes. The flexibility of this collection lends to its unmatched value: with just one piece, you can generate many ensembles for every day of the week.

The range of shorts at Discreet Tiger are versatile and durable wardrobe staples that are meant to make your morning routine easy and quick.