All our PVC and Faux leather products on one page.

We have combined all our PVC and faux leather products on this one page to make it convenient for those customers who are trying to source said products. 

PVC - poly vinyl chloride is a high quality artificial fabric that exists in a variety of domestic items, whereas this material produces shiny clothing in bold, vibrant colours. Before purchasing clothing made from PVC consumers should understand the construction of the material in that it is different to other artificial materials. Because the stiff, sticky feel of the fabric was uncomfortable and retained body heat, manufacturers responded by adding tiny pores that allowed the fabric to breathe, making a drastic improvement to wearability. PVC was the first leather alternative produced as a fabric which manufacturer's then dye and add coatings too to produce lustreless artificial leather, and shiny patent leather looks. With different types of properties the fabric is durable, easily cleaned, fade and stain resistant.

All our faux leather fabrics also known as pleather are made from the highest quality materials. Initially designed out of a desire to still be able to wear real leather without having to kill an animal to do so, faux leather has come a long way since the earliest forms of the material. So much so that it is now hard to tell the difference between the two. Products made from faux leather are a great alternative to the real thing and can be mass produced, making them cleaner and cheaper. 


PVC & Leather