Elegant and stylishly designed tops and dresses.

You will fall in love with our impressively huge selection of women's tops and dresses. These have been designed and presented to leave you with a guaranteed feeling of satisfaction.

A lot of these will be beautiful for women who want to project a love of fashion. With their delicate designs, assured to meet most of your tastes. They will perfectly compliment even the most discerning women. As is typical of the Discreet Tiger ethos, all our ladies tops and dresses are sold at adjusted wholesale prices. And thus, these are simply ideal choices for all, whether you are curvy or petite we have a full range of plus size dresses and tops as well as standards sizes to compliment.

We always try to carry a stunning selection that will leave our customers blown away. With the intent that after trying them on and seeing how simply dazzling, gorgeous and stylistic you look, you will simply have to add them to your list of favourite things.

Don't be surprised if catching your reflection in the mirror doesn't leave you feeling a little impressed with yourself. These tops and dresses are elegantly cut and accentuated, leaving striking designs. They are all perfect for a night out, great for an event or even that grand occasion. 

The style, the elegance and the colours all add up to these tops and dresses being the perfect choice for all occasions. And as always, Discreet Tigers store guarantees satisfaction!

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